Automatic passenger counting (APC)

Ridership Data – Information that pays off. BUSE supplies intelligent APC matrix sensors produced by Iris GmbH with a guaranteed high-accuracy of 98 % or sensors according to customer requirements. The BS 300 on-board computer or BS 308 recorder unit gets accurate data from APC sensors or the on-board computer calculate them from vehicle load data. The APC system can be integrated on a new vehicle or existing one. Current data on passenger numbers together with connection information, stop and other data from a vehicle bus are transmitted by BUSE’s remote technology to the user’s server for immediate or later analysis.  We offer our own software for data evaluation or adjust data access according to customer requirements. The unique system of data processing eliminates incomplete or faulty records and takes into consideration specific situations during vehicle operation. BUSE’s evaluation software creates graphic outputs and exports passenger number related data and other data for analyses and making traffic plans.
  • Integration into new or existing systems and vehicles
  • High accuracy
  • Complex data record
  • On-line data transmission
  • Delivery incl. evaluation software