Communication unit BS 307

BUSE BS 307 communication unit connects vehicle systems with central dispatching and control centres. The unit ensures data transmission into/from a vehicle on route via high-speed mobile operator network and secures Wi-Fi connection according to IEEE 802.11 standards at depot and other stated places. The communication unit is more than a full-size WLAN router or LTE modem. It‘s possible to program the functions of BS 307 and thus meet additional requirements on quality and transmission. The communication unit is designed for use on public transport vehicles, buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains. Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, RS232, binary I/O
  • Data transmission in mobile operator network zones and Wi-Fi in one device
  • Transmission rate according to the latest standards of 4g/LTE network
  • Reliable and fast access
  • Wi-Fi for passengers 802.11 n