On-board computer BS 300

Heart and brain of BUSE’s vehicle devices. It consists of a separate input/output unit and a driver’s terminal. The input/output unit is fitted with a RISC processor that operates all the connected devices in required time with high reliability. The LCD driver’s touch terminal compares the current route position with the timetable, collects, evaluates and transmits  information to the connected devices and systems. It serves as a driver’s graphical interface. LCD touch terminal can be used on bidirectional vehicles or on trains in various places of the train unit.
  • Control of DOT-LED, LED and LCD signs
  • In-built acoustic system
  • Automatic vehicle localization based on GPS or immediate distance
  • Traffic lights preference system, control of railroad switch
  • Data collection and data transfer control via LTE, RDST, Wi-Fi
  • Record and transmission of data from  APC sensors, operation data, events on the route, CAN/FMS bus
  • Connection with a camera system
  • Remote diagnostic and update of systems
  • Multiple connectivity: Ethernet, IBIS, RS485, RS232, CAN/FMS, binary I/O, analogue inputs, relay outputs