BS 370-IP LCD display for a driver

Thanks to own development and production, BUSE is able to offer BS 370-IP LCD display providing high user comfort. Features like automatic change of image layout on the LCD screen based on a vehicle status (a vehicle stands still, moves forwards or backwards), automatic brightness adjustment and reclining rack with control buttons of service mode provide high user comfort. A powerful quad-core processor and a fine-tuned operating system allow images of four IP cameras to be displayed on the driver’s display with practically no delay. All the time, the LCD display also signalizes a failure-free camera and an image status. The standard size of LCD display unit is 10,4”. The same properties are guaranteed for other screen sizes. The total number of cameras in the system is not limited by the LCD display. Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, RS232, binary I/O. Use:  buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains.
  • High reliability and durability
  • Minimum image delay
  • High user comfort
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, additional interface RS232 and binary I/O
  • Autonomous functionality or control via BUSE or other control unit