BS 153 Intelligent bus stop

The display area of the sign is formed by a full LED matrix using power effective LED elements with an automatic brightness regulation ensuring good readability even in direct sunlight. The acoustic system clearly reproduces the content of the sign and messages received from the control centre. The sign gets connected by means of in-built communication devices (mobile operator network, RDST, Wi-Fi, LAN) to the data centre, where it reads real-time information related to next departures and receives text and special acoustic messages. If connected with the data centre, the sign displays off-line information according to the saved timetable and real-time information from GPS. The in-built communication unit provides passengers waiting at the bus stop with Wi-Fi access to the Internet. Software equipment supplied with the sign provides remote administration and a camera view. 
Enhanced security in front of the sign is ensured by an in-built IP camera with a remote image transmission, by a vibration sensor and a sensor signalising sign opening. Toughened glass with a foil prevents mechanical damage of the sign electronics. An in-built accumulator keeps the sign in operation in case of power failure. In the basic line we offer the following signs:
  • Single-sided or double-sided
  • 2-line, 4-line or 6-line
  • LED colour: amber, yellow, white
  • Modern design for indoor and outdoor use
  • Real-time information on departures based on vehicle location on the route
  • Variety of design and integration
  • Safety camera, resistant design
  • Remote administration and camera view
  • Wi-Fi access available for the passengers at the bus stop