Flip DOT-LED BS 210 signs

Flip DOT-LED signs with BUSE’s proprietary DOT-LED technology of electromagnetic elements with a fluorescent or retroreflective colour foil accompanied by a LED. This display technology offers optimal readability and equal text indication on the sign surface in all light conditions. The text remains displayed on the sign after power cut-off. The power is needed only for changing the text and illumination – it is a passive display technology. An extremely low power consumption of DOT-LED signs reduces the requirements on vehicle electrical network dimensioning and reduces power or diesel consumption. A bus equipped with DOT-LED signs consumes less than 200 litres diesel a year than a bus equipped with  LED technology.
Use:  buses, troleybuses, trams and trains
  • Direct sunlight enhances the contrast of the sign
  • Excellent readability due to a large surface of reflective DOTs, Φ10mm or Φ15mm
  • Information remains displayed after power cut-off
  • Extremely low power consumption - ca 20% in comparison to LED signs
  • Minimum power load of a vehicle electric network
  • Connectivity Ethernet, IBIS, RS485, RS232
  • Control via BUSE or other control units or fare collection systems