BS 308 camera system recorder

There are many reasons to choose BUSE’s camera system recorder. Powerful processor, fast interface Ethernet 1Gbit/s, large record capacity, protection of data against misuse, vibration, overvoltage, extreme temperature resistant, auto-diagnostic functions of recording media, record signalling to other systems, simultaneous recording from 12 cameras without any limitation and software for recording reading. The function of accident camera is realized by a higher quality record from selected cameras. In addition to camera records, the recorder is able to store data from other systems such as APC, information of vehicle operation, route and driver etc.
  • Use in demanding vehicle operation conditions
  • Accident camera record function
  • Vehicle operation data record and other data
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, additional interface RS232 and binary I/O
  • Autonomous functionality or control via BUSE or other control unit