Display elements „flip DOT“ and “ flip DOT-LED“

BUSE is a producer of patented electromagnetic display components with flipping discs, so called „flip DOT“. It is a passive display technology, because it only needs a short current pulse to flip a disc.  The disc remains in the set position without any other energy needed. It is complemented with a low-power input LED to provide a good visibility at night or without using external illumination. These are “flip DOT-LED” elements. Discs are produced in two sizes:
  •    10 mm, type BS10
  •    15 mm, type BS15
In the basic variant there are 7 display cells placed on the common carrier. This unit is called „strips“. The element with one disc is usually used as status indicator.
We can help you with the choice of colours and materials of the reflective side of the disc. Common materials and colours are as follows:
  • Information signs for vehicles, railway stations and bus stop signs – fluorescent yellow/green, white, retro-reflective yellow, retro-reflective white
  • Signs for sports grounds – fluorescent yellow/green, white
  • Advertisement and promotional signs – wide range of colours according to the sample colour sheet
  • Dynamic traffic sign – retro-reflective material
  • Passive display technology
  • Increasing surrounding light increases display contrast
  • Large display area
  • Natural display without glare