Control unit BS 230

The control unit BS 230 is designed for controlling of visual and acoustic information systems in all kinds of public transport vehicles. It is used in a master/slave mode on trams and trains with two or more control points. It controls visual and acoustic information systems based on GPS location or immediate distance and transmits data to ticket validators, tachographs and other devices connected on the same bus. It compares the vehicle’s current location to the timetable and informs the driver.
  • Control of DOT-LED, LED and LCD signs
  • Control of acoustic system
  • Switch to the next stop automatically  based on GPS or immediate distance or manual switch
  • Evaluation of current location on the route from GPS or from other producers’ devices
  • Special and emergency messages function
  • Easy data update via USB
  • Connectivity: IBIS, RS485, RS232, J1708, binary I/O