Vehicle control devices

BUSE on-board computers BS 300 and BS 100 are designed for use on buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains. These highly reliable devices control and connect electronic systems both on-board and off-board the vehicle. BUSE on-board computers integrate visual and acoustic passenger systems, fare collection systems, radio stations and LTE/Wi-Fi modems, IP surveillance systems, automatic passenger counting into a functional system and they are closely connected with a vehicle. A well- arranged touch screen provides a comfortable operation and an immediate overview for the driver.
Control unit BS 230 provides the automatic control of visual and acoustic passenger information system based on GPS location or immediate distance. Simple and always ready for immediate use.

Destination signs

BUSE manufactures energy saving flip DOT-LED signs, monochromatic LED signs with a variety of LED colour options and price affordable full LED signs.

Interior signs

The interior LED signs have proved their reliability and durability and have been still used on public transport vehicles. They are suitable for small spaces where LCD displays don’t fit or the budget doesn’t allow the customer to use LCD signs. 

Public voice annoucement

BUSE’s public announcement systems run autonomously without an on-board computer or they can be connected to an on-board computer and they are fully synchronised with the other parts of the vehicle information system.