Passenger information systems

In buses, trams, trains, bus stops and platforms or control centres - in all these applications BUSE’s products and systems are appreciated for their reliability, durability and long service life. 

Energy saving flip DOT-LED information signs, LED monochromatic and full colour signs, LCD interior signs and public voice announcement provide passengers reliably with essential travel information. BUSE’s systems allow traffic control centres to get an immediate overview of vehicle locations and status. Data provided by BUSE’s systems can be utilized for further transport development. 

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Vehicle systems

Further systems for public transport vehicles developed, produced and supplied by BUSE are especially: IP Surveillance system with record, Automatic passenger counting, Recording of operation data on the vehicle, Data and voice relays, GPS monitoring and vehicle tracking.

We can deploy these systems onto vehicles individually or as a fine-tuned unit or they can be integrated into existing vehicle systems.

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Tracking and evaluation systems

For public transport companies, private transport companies of any size and for region transport coordinators, BUSE offers modern dispatching, tracking and evaluation systems for efficient transport planning thus managing all transport situations.

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Intelligent bus stops

BS 153 Intelligent bus stop integrates 25 years’ experience and know-how of BUSE in the field of displaying technologies, acoustic systems, control and communication technologies. 

Design and functionally fine-tuned device. Intelligent bus stops provide passengers with the accurate travel information at railway stations, traffic junctions and frequented bus stops. Thanks to their modern design, BUSE’s intelligent bus stops stand out both indoors and outdoors, at railway stations and bus stops.

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Components and technology

BUSE supplies high-quality components to OEM producers, system integrators, bus, trams and train producers, furthermore BUSE projects and installs information and vehicle systems. Display components and modules, Control board, Ethernet switches, converters, terminal boxes, Projects, board of electronics, cable harness, installation.

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